Should I Tip My Tattoo Artist?

Is tipping part of tattoo ettiquette?

Is tipping part of tattoo etiquette?

One of the most frequently debated topics in the subject of tattooing is whether or not you should tip your tattoo artist. While many think it should be like eating at a restaurant, it’s really not if you think about it. The tattoo itself is very expensive and not very many tattoo artists expect any type of tip at all.

However, if you can afford it and you really enjoyed the work that they did, tipping them surely would be a nice sign of gratitude. Many tattoo artists have even said that they would love a “Hey, thanks this is awesome!” just as much as they would enjoy a tip.

Something that would work just as good as any tip would be to refer all of your friends and family to that particular artist. Although tattoo artists take a lot of business from walk-in customers, the really good ones are the ones who offer such great art and service that they receive many customers by way of referral.

Certainly if you’d like to tip the artist and have a little extra money, then by all means do so! Most tattoo artists would enjoy any type of verbal approval or tip as an appreciation for what they’ve done. Again, something as simple as saying “This tattoo is awesome!” with a big grin on your face would often mean the world to your tattooist.

If your worrying yourself over the subject than the solution is really quite simple: don’t. Whether or not you should tip your tattoo artist is the last thing you should be worrying about before you get your tattoo. More productive thoughts for your time would be to make sure you have your tattoo design just the way you want it, how you’re going to present your newly minted tattoo or even what to get for your next one.

In conclusion, the topic of tipping in the tattoo industry is a simple one. Just do whatever you feel is right at the time. If you want to give them some extra money than do it! If you want to tell them how awesome they are for the tattoo they gave you than do it! No matter what you do the artist is going to appreciate your business and expression of admiration for their work. So the next time you hear someone asking the question of whether or not they should tip their tattooist, just tell them what you’ve just learned! Do whatever you think feels right for you!